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PacketFabric Overview
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  • Instant, scalable, and secure connections over our private layer 2 Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) platform.
  • Custom configurations for your unique business at speeds from 50Mbps to multi-100-Gbps.


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PacketFabric vs. Traditional Network Providers

Provision your network in a matter of minutes via the PacketFabric admin portal or APIs. Connections will be operational as soon as any backside cross-connects are done, which can take from 1 to 3 days.

Similar connections over traditional hard-wired networks can take weeks or months to come online.

PacketFabric revolutionized network deployment, with fiber optic cable already installed and pre-wired. After signing up, connections are ready to use, so you're entirely operational in a fraction of the time of standard network services.

Solutions for a Work from Home World

With COVID-19 creating global uncertainty and the work environment shifting to remote employees connecting from home, PacketFabric is uniquely ready to meet the challenges of managing far-flung resources and assets. Control, monitor, and manage your entire network remotely without setting foot in your office.



Get Up and Running in Minutes

  • Sign-up is simple and straightforward, with just a few steps.

  • Set up your entire network up and be operational within minutes of service signup
  • Build connections at speeds from 50Mbps to multiple 100Gbps

Easily Connect with Cloud Providers, Business Partners, and Customers

  • Leverage the power of AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and other top service providers.
  • Configure your network your way, with control over on-ramp locations, connection speed, and account types
  • Setup wizards guide you through configuration and connection every step of the way

Connect with Your Neighborhood or the World

  • Choose from nearly 200 locations with more on the way.
  • Support for local metro and long-haul connections.

Transparent Pricing

  • Clear pricing models show non-recurring charges (NRC) and monthly-recurring charges (MRC)
  • No hidden fees. What you see is what you pay.

Flexible Terms and Connection Speeds

  • Terms range from monthly up to 3 years.
  • Plans for Dedicated Metro, Dedicated Long-Haul, Hosted Metro, and Hosted Long-Haul connections.
  • Port speeds from 1 Gbps to multi-100Gbps.

Easy Network Administration, Monitoring, and User Management

  • Flexible network control, monitoring, and administration via the admin portal or powerful API commands.
  • Configure, change, and remove virtual circuits as needed.
  • Easily manage user and admin accounts.

On-Demand Capacity and Flexibility

  • Turn-up or down network locations and speed to respond to changing business needs.
  • Make changes to your configuration and deployment model at a moment's notice.

Privacy and Security

  • Each virtual circuit is completely isolated and secure against interception or injection.

Backup and Disaster Preparedness

  • With built-in alternate routing and layers of redundancy, PacketFabric provides excellent connection to your network even in the most uncertain of times
  • Traffic is automatically routed via the fastest available path even in the event of major outages.

Types of Services

  • Cloud Connectivity - easily connect to top cloud service providers including AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and many others from a variety of on-ramp locations.
  • Point-to-Point - quickly setup custom connections between any two points.
  • Build Your Own Network - set up custom networks just the way you want, combining Physical Interfaces, Virtual Circuits, and long-haul capacity.


Get Started with PacketFabric


Sign-up for service and have your network online in minutes.


Contact our Sales team and we will help tailor a solution to your specific needs.



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