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Setting Contacts to Receive Maintenance Notifications
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To receive maintenance and outage notifications, users must be set as a Technical Contact. Full Admins (not Read-Only) can add new Technical Contacts, and may set their own account as an admin and technical contact.


Note:  Contacts cannot log in to the portal, unless they are also set as a User. They are only set as the point of contact to receive notifications. They cannot make any changes to services or settings.


There are two types of PacketFabric Contacts:


  • Admin: Receive notifications when a 3rd party requests a connection via the MarketPlace
  • Technical: Receive any communications for maintenance / outage notifications


To add or update users as Technical Contacts:


1. Log in to the portal as a full admin at
2. In the upper-right corner, click the arrow to open the dropdown menu, then select Contacts:


3. Select Company contacts in the upper navbar:





The Company Contacts list appears. 



4. In the list of users, either select the edit icon for an existing user, or Add Company Contact to add a new user.


The Add or Update Contact form appears.



5. Enter the user details, and at the bottom of the Contact  panel, select the checkbox for Tech:




Note: You can check both the Admin and Tech checkboxes to enable a user with both privileges.

6. Select Create User or Update User.



A confirmation appears in the upper-right: 


Once set as a Technical contact, that user will receive any future notifications regarding maintenance and outages via the email address set in their profile.


For detailed help, see: Maintenance Notifications

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